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The FISH project aims to increase the awareness of great value for SMEs in the selected industrial sector to use RTD as a strategic means for their future development, to ensure their sustainability and stimulating their participation in FP6 activities.

The FISH project will support the participation of Small and Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) in EC FP6 research activities within the industrial sector of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

The FISH project aims also to break down the barriers between SMEs and RTD players and researchers by using analysis and audit methodologies based on earlier EC funded projects as well as experiences from national technology transfer programmes and schemes. This is done to assess SMEs needs and to increase their capability to adopt new technologies by participating in EU projects.

In order to achieve its objectives of supporting SME participation in FP6 research activities in the selected industrial sector, the FISH project will provide in-depth assistance services such as technology audits, mediation for project participation, broader awareness, assistance and dissemination services to SMEs within the 12 participating countries. (Norway, Iceland, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands)

The FISH project will dedicate its main awareness activities around the major European Exhibitions for SMEs within Fisheries and Marine Resources.

In parallel each ETI Fish participant will support and assist a number of national SMEs to identify their needs for RTD activities. Throughout the project, best practice cases will be benchmarked and disseminated by the partners across Europe within the selected industrial sector of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

Contact information:
John A. Bjorgen
SINTEF Techn. and Society
N-7465 Trondheim

Tel: 73590300
E-mail: john.a.bjorgen@sintef.no